Student Salon Services

Featuring a full range of hair, skin, and nail services, our student salon offers great prices for you and great opportunities for our students to gain real-world experience.

are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Hair salon in New Castle County
Student Salon in Newark Delaware

Senior discounts Monday–Thursday, party packages, and in-house specials.

Our student services are available on a walk-in basis. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted as payment.

We strive to serve all patrons in a professional manner and welcome feedback at any time.

Our Student Salon is open:

Monday–Friday: 10:00am – 3:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evening:
5:00pm – 8:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Walk-Ins welcome
Please contact our student salon for service in-by times

Hair Service Menu

From shaping and styling to color and treatment, Schilling-Douglas School has you covered.

See hair services.

Hair Shaping & Styling
Dry-end Trim $6.00
Bang Trim $4.00
Beard Trim $4.00
Hair Cut (w/shampoo & style) $10.00
Shampoo & Blow Dry $7.00
Shampoo & Roller Set $7.00
Updo (shampoo not included) $15.00
Wrap $7.00
Shampoo & Roller Set W/ Wrap $11.00
Twists $21.00
Corn Rowing, partial $21.00
Corn Rowing, full $41.00
Corn Row / Braid, removal $11.00
Rod Set $13.00
Finger Waves $13.00
Press & Curl (stove irons) $15.00

Shaping & Styling Additions
Flat Iron (add-on only) $5.00
Thermal Irons (add-on only) $6.00
Curling Iron (add-on only) $4.00

Complimentary hair cut and style included
Thermal Ionic System (by appointment only) $101.00
Chemical Relaxer, virgin $43.00
Chemical Relaxer, retouch $36.00

Dualsenses Treatment (with massage) $9.00
Hair & Scalp Treatment $8.00
Power Dose Treatment (with massage) $8.00

Hair Color
Featuring GOLDWELL hair color, Complimentary blow dry included
Single Process Touch-up (root area only) $19.00
Virgin Single Process $29.00
Double Process Touch-up $29.00
Virgin Double Process $36.00
Foils $40.00
Partial Foil (up to 10 foils) $25.00
Specilaty Foil $50.00
Cap Frosting $31.00
Semi Permanent Color $16.00
Color Rinse $1.75
Corrective Color $35.00 & up

Color Additions
Extra bowl of color $5.00
Hair longer than shoulder length $10.00
Premium Service $10.00

Chemical Texturizing
Complimentary hair cut and style included
Partial Permanent Wave $29.00
Permanent Wave (short to shoulder length hair) $31.00
Permanent Wave (longer than shoulder length hair) $46.00 & up
Additional Permanent $5.00
Curl $36.00

Skin, Nails, and Service Packages

Pipeless pedicure stations and multiple ways to feel like a king or a queen for the day.

See skin and nail services.

Skin Service Menu
Facial $9.00
Facial Delux $16.00
Tweezed Eyebrows $4.00
Waxing Eyebrows $9.00
Waxing Chin or Lip $6.00
Make Up $9.00
Perfectsense Paraffin Treatment (hands or feet) $9.00
Ear Piercing (FREE with purchase of studs)

Nail Service Menu
Mini Manicure $6.00
Spa Manicure (includes exfoliation & mask) $10.00
Mini Pedicure $12.00
Spa Pedicure (includes exfoliation & mask) $16.00
Artificial Nail Set – (Tips or sculpts) $16.00
Artificial Nail Repair (per nail) $3.00
Nail Fills $11.00
Artificial Nail Removal $6.00
Shellac $17.00
Polish Change $3.00
All Artificial Nail Services use OPI products.
All pedicure stations are ”pipeless” for your protection.

Service Packages
King for the Day $24.99
Shampoo, hair cut, mini manicure, scalp treatment & facial
Queen for the Day $28.99
Shampoo, blow dry or roller set, mini manicure, facial, mini pedicure & scalp treatment
Princess Package $24.99
Updo (dry hair), mini manicure & mini pedicure
Beauty Party $15.00
For groups of 5 or more, appointment only. Updo (dry hair) and mini manicure.

Service Feedback

Tell us about your experience and you could win a free student salon service!

Our Service Policy

Because Schilling-Douglas is a school, a service occasionally may not produce the desired result.
See our full service policy.

Our Service Policy is as follows:

  • Hair re-cut within 1 week free
  • Perms Curls, Relaxers and Straighteners redone within:
    • 1 week, free
    • 2 weeks, ½ price
    • 3 weeks, full price
  • Color corrected free within 1 week
  • Artificial nails replaced free within 3 days

We do not provide refunds for services performed.
All retail/product sales are final.
*Time frame is from date of initial service.

Requests: We ask that all individuals not receiving services remain in the waiting area. Small children should not accompany adults into the service area unless they are receiving services.

Please refrain from eating/drinking in the service area.

Call Us: (302)-737-5100