Transfer Policy

Transferring to or from Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design

Transfer from Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design
Transcript or transfer service for eligible students will be provided at a cost of $10.00. We reserve the right to withhold transcripts, including academic scores and accumulated hours, from students under certain circumstances including but not limited to defaulting on a Federal Student Loan or an unsatisfied account balance with the school. Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design cannot guarantee that any hours or academic scores obtained at Schilling-Douglas school of Hair Design, LLC will be accepted by any other institution for transfer purposes. This is at the discretion of accepting institution and it is the student’s responsibility to confirm if their hours/academics will be accepted by another institution.

Transfer / Re-Entry to Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design
Students wishing to transfer into Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design must present, prior to enrollment, official documentation of their previous hours and availability for transfer. This documentation must be an official notarized transcript from the original school listing the hours earned by the student in the required curriculum areas. If the original school is out-of-state, verification from the appropriate licensing authority that the original school is licensed in that state must also be obtained. The school will, prior to enrollment, administer a written and practical exam to the transferee to determine hour acceptance and placement within our program.

All applicants transferring hours must do so prior to enrollment. Transfer hours will not be accepted once the applicant is enrolled in their program of study.

All students re-entering will have their prior available academic and attendance records reviewed by the school to determine if any credit for previous training will be given by the school and placement with in the program. Full, partial or no hour credit may be given at the discretion of the school. If an excessive period of time has lapsed from the student’s last day of attendance, the re-entering student will be administered, by the school, a written and practical exam to determine acceptance of hours and placement in our program. This exam will take place prior to the re-entering student’s enrollment. The determination made by the school may only be challenged prior to the start of the new enrollment. Once the final determination is made, the student will sign an acknowledgement of hours being accepted and/or a statement to acknowledge the student is waiving other previous hours prior to enrollment. Students re-entering Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design return at the same satisfactory progress standing as when they left.

Applicants, who are currently licensed by the Delaware Board of Cosmetology and Barbering as a Nail Technician or have previously completed a program in Nail Technology in a Delaware approved school, may transfer 125 hours into the Cosmetology program. This transfer does not require the completion of a written and practical exam by the school, prior to enrollment. No credit will be given toward any academic requirements established for the cosmetology program. Documentation of a current Delaware Nail Technician license or completion of a Nail Technology program in a Delaware approved school must be provided to the school prior to enrollment.

Tuition for transfer and re-entry students is prorated based on the current hourly rate for their program of study. Current hourly rate is determined by dividing the current tuition amount for the full program by the number of clock hours for the full program. The transfer or re-entry student may also be charged the current enrollment fee for their program as well as charges for materials (material kit, textbooks, and uniforms) required for their program of study.

Transfer to Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design Cosmetology program: The minimum number of required practical activities for graduation will be prorated based on the number of hours the student is transferring into the school. All other academic requirements for graduation will be based on the student’s level placement as determined by the transfer evaluation.

Transfer to Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design is only available for our Cosmetology & Nail Technology programs. If a student with previous training wishes to enroll and it is decided that credit will not be given for previous training, the student will sign a waiver for credit from previous training. If a student wishes to enroll and it is determined that credit for all or a portion of their previous training will be accepted the student will sign a transfer hour credit form acknowledging the number of hours accepted for transfer by the school.

Transfer Hours
With regard to satisfactory academic progress, a student’s transfer hours will be counted as both attempted and completed hours for the purpose of determining when the allowable maximum time frame has been exhausted.

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